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I'm not sure what I was trying to achieve with this, but I like it. The flow of blood is hard, ama work on that. 
Also tevinter-esque gold make up. ouo
Raven by TartanWench
Did you know holly is a motif for hope? Neither did I. 
Anyways Gabu made me feel really good on a day when I was feeling down cause she drew me Elnis, so I wanted to thank her ouo
I referenced Anna Christian Speckheart for the eyes and nose and also a raven from google ouo
Meanwhile in Tevinter GIF
I watched Tangled today, which is obviously where I referenced this ouo

I know what you're thinking LINEART FROM ME?! I shocked myself. 

It's Yo Birthday by TartanWench
It's Yo Birthday
It's Rey's birthday in a couple days, and seeing as she is a total bae (yes you) I made her a thing. ouo
Wayne by TartanWench
Bullet; Blue Name: Wayne Rheon Mochrie
Bullet; Black Age: 32
Bullet; Blue Height: 137cm
Bullet; Black Weight: 103lbs
Bullet; Blue Hair Color: Brown
Bullet; Black Eye Color: Hazel
Bullet; Blue Tattoos: None

Bullet; WhiteShort HistoryBullet; White
Wayne was born a surface dwarf. Originally from Denerim she was born to Gregor (a born surface dwarf) and Isha (a castless from Orzammar turned surface dwarf) She was named after Gregor's father who died days before her birth. No papa for her. Growing up, Wayne worked in a tavern as a barmaid for several years, dabbling in singing and joke telling. When she turned nineteen she decided she wanted to travel Thedas and make it big as a bard. Dreaming of the day people would tells stories about her in taverns and sing her songs. 

She travelled from Orlais to Rivain and everywhere in between! On her way she made a habit of picking up languages. She speaks Antivan, Orleasian, Common and Anders. She needed to know how to tell her jokes in different languages for the natives sake. Sadly it didn't really go as well as she planned. After 2 years of living straight and narrow, Wayne turned to crime. Nothing serious at first just petty theft, but more stable work was needed to afford to travel. Her musical career and petty theiving managed to pay her way to Antiva where she made friends with a human named Phiffer who worked for a bandit's guild called The Black Vipers. During the years that Wayne stayed in Antiva, Phiffer taught her how to weild a whip and use daggers. This lead to Wayne becoming a mercenary by day, minstrel by night.

She travelled more of Thedas for the next several years but eventually returned home (it's where the heart is). Her parents welcomed her with opened arms, but she thought it best if she found a place of her own. Whilst she still visits Gregor and Isha in Denerim, she moved to The Merry Mabari tavern, hoping to keep her mercenary by day, minstrel by night lifestyle. 

Bullet; Black Current Level l - 1

Bullet; Blue Specialization: Minstrel – A minstrel is a traveling musician and showman, often also a petty thief and conman, sometimes even a spy, and sometimes even just a harmless musician on the road. Minstrels come in all shapes and sizes, and are only united by their freespirited and openmided approach to problems of all sorts.

Bullet; Yellow Jinxes Bullet; Yellow

"Just shut up!" - Whenever the character mentions something bad, it happens... Maybe. Unspeakable horrors follow the words "what's the worst that could happen?" It is advised to have the character stick something in their mouth during quests.

Bullet; Black Minstrel Bullet; Black

Goodbye! - A minstrel has to know how to escape dire situations and flying fruit. When needed, a Minstrel can evade enemies by rushing and slipping right by them. The minstrel has high odds of avoiding hits when using Goodbye!

Distraction – Confusion can be the Minstrel's's best ally. Suddenly jumping into song or dance, or simply behaving in an unexpected and strange manner in the middle of a fight, the minstrel can startle and disorient onlooking opponents. Strong willed opponents may resist the effect.

Bullet; Red skills Bullet; Red

Bullet; Green Talents Bullet; Green

Whip -
Get over Here - Aiming for the arms, legs, or neck, the character snaps their whip onto one of these extremities and pulls on the whip to drag their opponent closer. Successfully snared enemies can be attacked with an off-hand weapon or strangled with the whip.
Whip Utility - The character can use their whip to grab light objects and pull them closer. As well, a whip can be used as a rope for swinging across small-to-medium sized gaps or aid in climbing up vertical surfaces. Fragile objects will shatter and cannot be 

One Handed - 
Lunge – The character pounces towards a target, thrusting her weapon forward to it's maximum reach. When correctly timed, the attack will catch the opponent off-guard, dealing increased damage, and having increased odds of hitting a weak spot in armor

Bullet; Yellow Gold: 2GP

Bullet; Red Relationship:

Bullet; Blue Facts: Bullet; Blue


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